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  • How do I personalize items with handwritten messages?
    Its quite simple really. Just take a picture of the handwritten message and email it to We can take it from there, it'll make for a great communication starter as we work through the project and send 'proofs' of your item(s).
  • Can I submit a custom order request?
    Absolutely! Sometimes while shopping around, customers become inspired to add a twist to some of the items they see in the store or have a vision in their head that they want executed. I welcome all and any creative custom orders and the process starts with a quick submission in the Contact tab of the shop site.
  • Do you ship?
    Short answer is: Yes! We can absolutely accommodate any shipping requests. As we build our website and figure out what works best for our clients we will begin adding shipping options at checkout. For now we ask that you fill out the contact form to indicate shipping requests of items so that we can assist with shipping information and pricing. All communication for this process will be via email so check your inbox! :)
  • How do you cooridinate Local Pickup?
    After your order is ready, you will receive an email from us specifying the date and timeframe that your order will be available for pick up. Pickups are normally on Thursday afternoons between 4:00pm-8:00pm HST. We ask that you be respectful of both of our time and honor your pickup time or make arrangements with us ahead of time. We appreciate your understanding and support while we grow our business!
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